Who is the Dnn cloud hosting for?

At WeHostDnn believe that everyone should be able to have a Dnn website for any need that they have, this is why WeHostDnn have Dnn Cloud Hosting packets that can be used for any type of Dnn site. Users should pick the packet that fits their skills and needs.

The Dnn cloud hosting is perfect for the Dnn users that user third party skin/theme templates to build the clients websites.

With WeHostDnn nearly every type of hosting solution is possible, contact us to discuss your needs and we can work together to accomplish your goals for Dnn.

Basically we will tailor the hosting packet to your needs. We first ask you what you would like to have within your Dnn hosting install and make sure you get what you need to build your site!

We will install the modules you need

If the modules that you need are open source, we will check them for compatibility and set them up for you!

We will install and setup modules like NBStore, the Blog module and 2xc content for you!

The Webmasters

A portal based Dnn CMS hosting solution, perfect for people who just want a website using Dnn CMS and not the hassel.

The Designer

An install based Dnn hosting solution for the designers and webmasters who buy and install skins for their clients

The Pro

For the power Dnn user and reseller, an install based Dnn Cms hosting for total control and quality for their websites

The Business

For the business owner who wants the best quality Dnn CMS hosting for their business website, fast and reliable

The Shop owner

For the online shop owner we can install NBStore and set the module up for you, we are also a re-seller of the Mollie payment solution*

The Blogger

For the blogger we can install the Dnn Blog module for you, we also have the in-house expertise to style it for you as well*

The Home worker

For the Home business owner we can tailor the hosting packet to you needs, administration systems, small applications etc.*

The Hobbyist

For the hobbyist we we can tailor the Dnn hosting packet to what you are looking for with the modules you need.

* We only install modules that are open source and available via the Dnn Forge. If extra setup is needed we will always discuss an extra costs before setup.

For licensed modules that you own, if you supply them to us before setup we will install them free of charge! You can find n ocean of modules via the Dnn Store.

WeHostDnn : The best choice!

Contact us via email

or phone +31 (0)570 51 33 83

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